This destination wedding in France was a rather unique experience for me. This beautiful couple got married in a fairytale  French chateau near the city of Reims in the champagne area. The wedding took place during the weekend in Chateau de Rilly in Rilly-la-Montage.  I stayed in the nicest B&B in the old town. So far, so good. 

What happened on the day of the wedding was extreme. I don't have another way to describe this. De ceremony was scheduled at 2 pm. At 10 am the groom suddenly decides to go hiking and climb trees with his 5 year old son (!) and his nephews. Just hours before the big ceremony. How cool is that? The groom said to me that they don't see each other that often (because they live abroad). He said: 'sure, we get married this weekend but we also want to have some fun and do things with the kids and family.' I think that's so awesome. Instead of filming the preparations for hours I decided to jump in my car and join them with the outdoor adventures. Later that day (during their wedding vows) I realized that this was crucial content for the wedding film.


For one thing, the wedding vows of these lovebirds were incredible. So much emotion and such a good story. A film maker can only dream af this. But then a funny thing happened. In the middle of her vows the bride told how proud she is of her man being a 'cool' dad. "You are always the first one to go play with the kids. You challenge the kids and let them think for themselfs. I'm so proud of you." This was exactly what I saw and experienced that morning in de forest. Amazing. 

After the ceremony the day continued with a nice dinner and the craziest party. All fueled with champagne. This is a destination wedding I will not soon forget. 

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